Tuesday, 16 September 2014


"Breast cancer. Just hearing those words is enough to send shivers down any  woman's spine. Most people have known at least a friend or family member (close or distant)with this disease that is so stealthily snatching away our beloved mothers, friends, sisters, wives...Well no more! The key to unraveling the mystery behind any disease is to gather as much knowledge about it as you can, and put that knowledge to good use.

The female breasts are a part of her anatomy that make her so breathtakingly attractive.
They contribute to her feminine confidence. In short, they are what make her "feel" like a woman. The thought of anything happening to these perfectly sculpted work of art is not just difficult to bear but downright scary. ‎​​‎​​But let's quell those shivers shall we, and stare this monster called breast cancer right in the face. 

Very simply put, breast cancer is a disease that results from uncontrolled, rapid growth of cells in the breast. These cells not only grow out of control but also acquire the ability to invade and destroy surrounding tissues, sometimes spreading to other locations in the body through lymphatic channels(our body's drainage system) and blood vessels.
Breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer among Nigerian women. Statistics show that every woman has a 12% chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some point in her life. In the last couple of years, the incidence of breast cancer among Nigerian women(and even men, ‎​​yes, men do get breast cancer, but the cases are rare) has been alarming.

While all these may sound dire and ominous,  my‎​ intention is not to scare you but rather to make you aware of the seriousness of this disease and spring you to action.
Can breast cancer be out rightly prevented? I wish I  could say ‎​​yes to that! There are so many combining factors that contribute to ones chances of developing the disease. These are referred to as Risk Factors(RFs). These RFs are divided into two groups- those under your control(yes ,you can do something about these. Good news, right?) and those beyond your control(one of such is simply the fact that you're a woman; you can't change that).
Now don't go asking God why He made you a woman, rather, ask yourself "what can I do to keep this sublime body He gave me in perfect health?"
Here are a few tips;

Keep that weight down! If you're overweight, shed that excess fat. Especially the fat around your mid-section. This is bad for your health on so many levels.

     Exercise! Exercise!! EXECISE!!! It's really not so hard. If you've never tried it before just start with a 30 minute walk everyday. Is it going to hurt? Absolutely! But not half a much as the consequence of not doing it I can assure you.    

Eat loads of fruits and vegetables. You've probably heard this one a hundred times. Well, a hundred and one wouldn't hurt, just do it! We're so blessed with countless varieties of fruits and vegetables and guess what, they are so much cheaper than junk food!

     Avoid pernicious habits such as drinking and smoking(you really need not be told that this is just bad for you)

And finally, BE HAPPY!

Who knew maintaining a cheerful and positive disposition could affect your tissues and cells? Well it can!

It's not all bad news when you think about breast cancer. 
Let's talk some more. 
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Warm Regards!

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