Friday, 20 March 2015

Your Teeth Say it All!

It's probably the first thing people notice about you. With the potential capacity to melt polar ice caps, a smile, when genuine and beautiful, can win almost anyone over. Forget how beautiful your eyes are and all the talk about "Oju loge" (that means beauty is in the eyes); I totally agree with the song that says "who cares what you're wearing... you're never fully dressed without a smile!" Now that is truth! Today is World Oral Health day people, and we need to talk about our mouths!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


"Breast cancer. Just hearing those words is enough to send shivers down any  woman's spine. Most people have known at least a friend or family member (close or distant)with this disease that is so stealthily snatching away our beloved mothers, friends, sisters, wives...Well no more! The key to unraveling the mystery behind any disease is to gather as much knowledge about it as you can, and put that knowledge to good use.

The female breasts are a part of her anatomy that make her so breathtakingly attractive.